My Alan Carbonio in detail..


MacRetro Rider
beautiful bike, as a teenager in the 80s I used to train with a guy with the frame and super record... how I envied that bike, I would loved to own one of these..

although I would ride it on perfect days and have it mounted on the wall at all other times

good work


Senior Retro Guru
Wow. Lovely machine but it is beyond me how you can have lusted after the bike for 25 years and now you actually have it you aren't going to ride it :shock:

It's your dream bike, money is only money. Who cares if it's devalued a bit. I can understand just riding it on perfect weather days but surely it has to be ridden. Otherwise you're just saving your dream bike for someone else to ride in the future. You can't take it with you ....go on you know you want to :D

Hola Mark, que buena aventura la de cumplir los sueños, felicitaciones, si lo puedes soñar lo puedes conseguir. Tenés el peso de la Alan? Estoy restaurando una la que también a sido mí sueño y toda la info que tengas es muy útil. Saludos