My 1977 Rotrax with original bill of sale


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Dear All,
Here are some pictures of my 1977 Rotrax with original bill of sale. I bought this from the (sadly deceased) owners wife. This bike needs total restoration that it will get in the future. Not to keen on the 1970s components, shall I go earlier or later?
Comments please.


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the mechs look much much later - the rear looks like a Deore MT-60 and the front some sort of low end Shimano

strip, repaint and start from scratch?


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Nice find!

If it were mine, I'd be facing a similar dilemma: do I go for period correct for Eroica events and the like or do I build it into a comfortable, light and fast tourer?

For the first scenario I'd probably be considering a combination of Weinmann, Stronglight and Campagnolo.

For the second scenario the sky's the limit. Me, I like to combine classic looks with brifter comfort, so I often end up Shimergoing my bikes.

For inspiration I like to check every now and then what Olivier Csuka is doing at Alex Singer. He combines stuff from pretty much every era:

La dernière machine


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The rear rack is actually an old type front rack. The bracket suits an old style dynamo or ever ready lamp. These are becoming rarer and whilst it won't make you a fortune, you should realise a few quid by selling it