My “new” Kona Kilauea 2010 Carbon


Dirt Disciple
Bought it a few days ago, previous owner bought the frame new. He had it build up as a road bike with 28” wheels and lightweight parts.

I used my Crossmax SL 26” wheels, am still thinking about putting in a suspension fork. But the Pace RC31 C-type offers some comfort also. And it’s not going to be used in heavy terrain. More like fire roads so suspension is not really needed.

As it is now it weighs 9.7kilo. Happy with it. Not sure about the Tune Speedneedle Marathon Carbon saddle, you can hardly call it a saddle. Bit weighs close to nothing 😀

Goes like dream just not happy with the Magura MT six brakes. They look nice, but even after bleeding they are not biting like the SLX brakes I have on my other Kona.13415666-F4F6-4F51-9B85-7D27D891621E.jpegC1E7A14E-6BB3-45B7-9C65-F2A7B1F7AADD.jpeg