Mudguard recommendation for Modern(ish) front suspension bike


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Hi all,

I need some mudguards for my Giant Talon 1, I currently have the Crud Catcher ones that fit on the front downtube and on the seat-post but these only catch a little of the mud as the front does not turn with the wheel and the rear is too far away from the tyre to be effective.

Looking for any views/real world experience with any. I am determined to ride through this winter so need some that are very good.

I have seen quite a few in online stores but wanted real opinions.

Thanks in advance.

Bike pic for reference.


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Mudhugger work pretty well, they do a front and a rear. Front is good but I've not tried the rear one, looks like it would work well though.


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Mucky nutz are OK, but don't accomodate quite as wide a tyre as they say. Should be OK up to about 2.4 inch.


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Zefal Deflector FM60. Attaches to the underside of the fork crown, works on suspension or rigid, easy to remove and reattach as needed.