Muddy Fox Prestige 1988 the £5k one.


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The pedals are another oddity....they're VP767s so period correct (I think) but not whats on the show bike in the cover they feel very low-rent compared to the rest, but have also clearly been on it a long time so i guess is either it was supplied pedal-less and whoever bought it skimped on the hardware or the orginals were swapped out early on for some reason....either way they are definitely going, I have a pair of Suntour XCIIs which fit with the rest of the equipment so will probbaly use those, but they need doing up as pretty used....
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On it!

those are quite or might show up the rest of the gold!

Affordable stand-in until the XCs are fixed.


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Think it will be either a long wait or a lot of luck finding a black Sansin skewer. There’s a few silver ones about that look like the same design could maybe have a coat of black paint and stand in for the “right” one. It’s always the little parts like that that are the hardest to find!

The pedals look like a later replacement?

What’s the plan for the paint? It looks like it would come up nice with a gentle compound and wax avoiding the decals. I’d be itching to try a patch to see!

yes....i had a google and can't even find an image of one, def none for sale I can see or recently will be a wait, in the meatime I'll track down one thats the correct shape and get it painted/powder coated.

Luckily other than the pedals its all there all be it in need of love, I'm not going to change the tyres as these feel like they're original to it and unless a pair of mint panracers drops in my lap they're fine.

Paint looks like it should buff up ok, will have a fair few battle scars, but thats all part of the history.....i kind of like the semi matt it is now, but know that'll change if it starts getting shiny, it already looks a ton better just with a clean & wipe with light oil.


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The serial number is 7084, I have a Pathfinder which I think is an '89 whos SN is HOC44926, so that’s no help & I can’t find any serial no. dating info for MF’s here or on the web…if anyone has any insights?

The 1989 Limited Edition was made by Masaaki Ishigaki, who founded Toyo, apparently. Your serial clearly isn't a standard Toyo serial, but he might have used a different format for one off frames if he built them himself. I can't find any information on that, or find the serial for the 1989 LE to compare the format to yours. If you can find who has that 1989 LE and ask for the number format that might help identify whether they used the same builder.