Muddy Fox Explorer and S&G cycles frames plus various parts


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Hi all, I’m clearing out the shed and have my dads old Muddy Fox Explorer and my brothers 24” S&G cycles frames and forks plus a bunch of other 80s parts for sale.

The explorer could do with some paint but it’s in generally good shape. The S&G frame looks good, again could do with a paint.

The parts bin included has some Sugino cranks, Shimano pedals, various bits of derailleur, cantilever brakes etc. All reasonably good quality stuff from the era.

I’ll get some photos up shortly.

Collection from Hornchurch, UK (East LONDON/Essex).

£50 the lot if you come and get it this week. Any questions please ask.


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Hi, if you PM me your email I’ll send them over. The forum isn’t letting me post pics from my phone.