Muddy Fox Courier Comp Original Survivor


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With quarantine restrictions lifted for double jabed visitors I was able to return to the beautiful Isle of Man for the first time since November 2019 and be reunited with my Mum. After several days of working through the list of chores that had built up I was able to bring down Wolfie from the loft for its first Island shakedown ride.
I gave the the original tyres some air and did my best to get the gears shifting though just couldn't get the LX400 front mech to shift to the big ring.
The first leg of my ride was on the Manx Heritage Steam Trail the old line east coast to west coast from Peel to Douglas...🚂



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That’s bloody great. Amazing the green pops so vividly. I’m guessing this has been kept well out of direct sunlight.


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I bought my courier comp in 1989 and it had a dark burgundy crackle paint finish. I thought that version came out the year after as the paint job was radically different. Spec was pretty similar.