Sold Muddy Fox Alu Sport £60 (Oxford, Farnham , Windsor) Swaps.


Devout Dirtbag
18” Frame (please see pictures) 90’s MF Alu Sport.
Serial number in pictures if someone want to work out the year.
Mint sauce and Leeches Stickers, No cracks but minor dents and scratches nothing to stop you using it or refurbing it.
Fork MF Cro-Mo
Bars Unmarked presumed original, grips generic
Riser Fred Salmon
Seat post ?????
Seat is a random Gt that has a tear (just replaces my Brookes.)

Front Wheel
Tyre Continental Vapour 26 2.1
Rims and spokes nothing special
Hub Shimano Alvio HB-MC12
QR- Generic Blue anodised

Rear wheel
Tyre Continental Vapour 26 2.1
Rims and spokes nothing special
Hub Shimano Alvio FH-MC12 7 Speed Hub
QR- Generic Blue anodised

Levers Shimano 7 * 3 V brake levers top cap missing on front side.
Arms STX with cool stop pads (red and blue for some reason it was built in the 90’s)
Tektro brake booster Purple – CND yoke on the rear normal on the front.

Shifters see brakes levers
Front mech Top pull STX
Rear Mech Deore LX
Crank Shimano Exage LX???
Pedals copy Bear trap

This has been the most surprisingly good steed and used and abused by many people over many years but it was just a stop gap and I think someone could do something nice with it given a bit of motivation or just continue using it (ALMOST) as is. I say almost as the previous shifters gave up the ghost and I needed a pair quick so got a V brake compatible set as I was going to put V brakes on it but never got around to this so at the moment it has less than substantial braking. Otherwise its just dirty. I live in Oxford but work in Farnham and have relatives in Windsor so can deliver around the triangle.
I would be willing to box it up and get it ready for collection either from home or work.

I would like a nice normal person who is not going to call me, mate, Tenner mate, mate, mate.

If my price is way of beam, please make a case and I will listen.

I am building 2 other bikes at the moment and need Magura Rim and Disc setups and have cash on top of the bike if this helps.


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Devout Dirtbag
Any interest before it goes on the bay of E. Willing to take offers but it is taking up space, by which i mean space in my wifes list of stuff that should be sold.

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