Muddy Fox 1984 Limited Edition


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I posted this bike a while back, for my dad, who bought it back in '84 (ish).
Its the Original Muddy Fox Limited edition, there were 100 of these produced in about 1984 and it represented the ultimate mountain bike of its day, only 3 were desined for the UK market and it cost £1000!

I have with it a certificate of authenticity and a sales poster.

The bike is totally genuine and original (except the tyres) and virtually unridden (its been in my family from new). Even the grips are like new the brake levers are unmarked!

I posted this in the 'what's it worth' category and the general consesus was £300 ish (thanks to muddyfox_courier and others for the input)

I had a bit of comment that I should keep it but, as I said, the bike's not mine to keep but I'll make a small chunk from the sale, hopefully enough to fund a pair of Landing gear forks for my PK Ripper! More my 'old school' bag!

Let me know if you wanna see more pics or want more info



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I came across this thread when looking to find out some history on my father's Muddy Fox (seems to be a bit of a theme with these bikes!). If your numbers are correct, it seems that his is one of the other 3 that came to the UK in 1984 - not a bad hit rate. Anybody know where the other 1 is?

My father's is in good working condition, if a bit scruffy, and is a great testament to the original build quality. The chain probably needs changing, and the tyres are certainly rather perished, but otherwise you could take it on a trail today.

He bought it originally as a way of keeping up with a local fox hunt in South Wales when my mother was in her riding phase and he saw it as a way of keeping fit. My recollection was that he always seemed to get places cross-country faster than the horse riders.


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