MT62 Thumbie advice / suggestions for broken bar mount


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Looking for some advice before I add a post / post an ad in WANTED.

I have some Deore DX Thumbies and the left hand one has a broken handlebar mount.
Its missing the cable fitting and adjuster, plus the end of the metal mount where the cable fitting attaches is broken.
The thumbie itself can be removed, so I was wondering if anyone has any advice or spare parts or other suggestions as to how to bring this back to life when its so close to complete.

Pictures attached here hopefully showing the situation, with the right hand one for comparison (all ok on the right side, but dismantled in some pics to help illustrate the situation)

Thanks for any inputs!



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The cable adjustment is easy to sort, just use a in-line adjuster like modern road bikes have for the front mech. The cable stop not so sure on that one.


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This is what I mean to sort the cable adjustment but yes the cable stop is still an issue.



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Weld a half nut to the end ....or if you have the meat bit that came off....weld that back on. 10 seconds with a tig welder.