Mountain Goat WTR-FS Complete bike


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I know Jez had one of these years ago, and said it was pretty much the worst bike he'd ever ridden. And he's certainly ridden a few...


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Fair enough.. but if you’d room in your garage and had the chance to add one to the collection (maybe at a less painful price).. how long would you hesitate?


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i'm a great believer in aesthetics, there does seem to be a universal law governing engineering that suggests the better something is the better it looks, some obvious examples - The Spitfire, the Ferrari GTO, the Ford GT, the SR-71 Blackbird, the MiG-29 Fulcrum, the Mallard, Concorde - all of them iconic pieces of design and engineering and all of them out on their own in terms of performance when compared against contemporary rivals. It's as though beauty is a hardcoded prerequisite for engineering excellence.

I love mountain Goat, some of the most beautiful bikes and THE most beautiful forks I have seen were Mountain Goats, but this is hideous in every way.
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