Moterra Update at 80 miles


Retro Guru
Have done a few rides on this now and I am still boggled and blown away by it.

On the flat - it will pedal past the assistance limit up to 22mph easily

Down hill it rolls up to 35mph easily due to its Heft.

Uphill it is a complete b**tard - I can get to the top and come back down 3 times before my none powered fellow riders reach the top!

Battery wise - I am still experimenting so depending on how I use it range is 30-45 miles (EMTB VS ECO) on one battery. So I think the way to go is EMTB and carry spare Battery for longer rides.

For its weight it shouldnt be able to do what it does, on Turbo it goes up even the steepest hills I can find at 14mph.

Kit wise: I would not recommend the forks they are very flexy - I would prefer a Lefty. Dropper post is really light weight and works great with a thomson copy seat clamp. XT brakes and gears and fantastic, saddle might have to go, back wheel is buckled already!

SLX cassette is made from pig iron. and weighs 0.5KG!!!!!



Retro Guru
This effer has made all my retro rides redundant.

If you have never been uphill on one of these - you havent lived!

it eats chains and tires for breakfast - an XT chain lasts 300 miles max and tires about the same.

So now instead of a retro kit collection, I now have spare new chains and Tires in my shed!