Moosey Moose's "Pipmeister" 1995 Kona Kula - Updated


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Thread updated with old 'bitd' pic and a bit of background info. too :)


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wadsy":2zmvc9kz said:
Bit of background info and 'bitd' pic Rachael has sent me....

"Picture taken at Avon Valley Cyclery as they were my sponsors who looked after my bike. Rode for Kona 95 - 98, started with cross country then went to downhill. Won the master category in 98 & went to the World Champs in Mt St Anne, Canada. Riding for Kona back then was great fun, think its a bit different now though!"


This is super-cool. The site really benefits from hearing from ex-pro/local team riders since they were at the forefront of evolving technology and what was going on behind the scenes. This is a cracking shot - now we know it's from an ex-racer, all is forgiven with the riding position ;) :LOL:

How quickly did you ditch the forks? They were/are super-flexy so I wonder just how good (or bad) they were to ride in anger.

Going to the worlds at St Anne - absolute kudos. Some very interesting results in that one...(!)