Sold Middlemore Saddles sign - charity sale - From Norman Fay's shop in South Shields


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Old Middlemores Saddles cardboard signs - 3 available as pics below. Roughly 9.5" x 7". String hanger on rear. Charity sale is support of Chris Lewis Support Fund - Seriously Injured Patterdale Mountain Rescue Volunteer. Price shown . Payment via Paypal F&F. Please put dibs (A, B or C) below followed by PM to me. Many thanks

Also see my charity sale of repro retro Orange drinks bottles

A: £7 inc UK post. SOLD

B: £6 inc UK post SOLD

C: £6 inc UK post SOLD
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Bump - as per edited title, these were from Norman Fay's bike shop in South Shields. I was given these after I helped clear the shop out when it was sold a few years back.