Wanted Mid 90's Vouilloz Build | XTR M950 - STM - KORE


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a few different parts for a specific pro bike replica build, some of the bits I know are like hens teeth but thought a post here would a good start to see if you lovely bunch can help!

This is the bike:

Nico_LTS.jpegNico Race Bike DS.jpeg

So far

LTS DH Frame

XTR M950 RH crank arm
XTR M950 V-Brake + LH lever

KORE black 80mm stem

Yellow Flite with red corners

STM Chaindevice (I know!)

DX Pedals

I'm waiting for some spec info on a few parts so will update this as info comes together.

Thanks in advance!


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My god he was quick.
Can't help with any of the parts listed, but good luck with the hunt, and we hope to see the build.