For Sale McMahon MCR Power-Link Scissor Brake w/ Booster Plate: Black (Almost NOS!)


Dirt Disciple
A nearly unused (or perhaps even a take off?) example of the early 1990's McMahon Racing Components PowerLink Scissor brake, complete with the optional McMahon Racing brake booster plate. This brake is the stuff of legends. It is claimed to be the most powerful mountain bike rim brake around, with one reviewer even saying they crushed a couple of single-wall rims with it! They feature titanium rod springs, and the center link lifts off one side for easy wheel changes. It will clear up to a 2.5" tire. These were produced from 1991 to at least 1994, and were a feature on the Sandvik-built McMahon 3/2.5R hardtail

The brake fits on roller cam bosses like the WTB Speedmaster & Toggle Cam run on, or U-Brake bosses. It will NOT fit on cantilever or v-brake bosses, the diameter on these is larger.


Very close to mint, possibly never ridden! The brake pads appear to have never touched a rim, and the brake + hardware is VERY clean. The hardware is pretty much perfect. The black anodized finish has zero fading. There is zero riding type wear/damage, though there's little pinpoint ano wear spots mostly on the edges and a bit on the sides of the arms. No, it's not perfect new in box condition, but it's not far off. Show bike worthy! It is complete, with no missing parts. It does not include bosses though, your bike provides those!


  • Black
  • One brake for front or rear
  • Fits Roller-Cam and U-brake bosses only (does NOT fit Canti/V studs)

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