Mavic wheel Ritchey Bars, Bar Ends Onza x-lite, tektro canti


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Moving to a flat forces sale :(
UK postage only, PM for international - items remain ok sale until the money reaches my PayPal, sorry!
For Sale:
- Kona dog collar grey, 28.6 mm diameter, routes brake cable around top of seat tube, £14 posted

- Mavic 517 SUP front wheel, Java hub, runs well, decent condition. I want to swap for a rear with shimano FH possibly with cash your way or £30 collected, Essex



- Tektro RBP Canti Brakes
(Pinched the description, sorry)
A knock-off (under licence) of a design by Avid or maybe WTB (also lizard). Also similar idea to Paul’s Motolite V Brakes. The clamp for the pad holder slides up and down the cantilever arm allowing lots of adjustment, possibly even conversion from 26” to 650B. Looking for all the bits primarily but if complete (no cables or hangers sorry), some rusting. They appear to be missing the “springs” and rubber covers where they mount to the frame, therefore I’ve reduced them to £25 posted



- Shimano 105 rear mech, RD5501, good working condition But with all over flaking to chrome plating, Works well, £13 delivered

-Brand new SLX triple Speed, front bar mounted Index shifter M670 £12 to your door

-Lovely X-lite stubby bar ends in red some fading to the anodising £18 to your door pic on page 2

-Show Only: Single Onza Racing Porcupine Tyre (2.1 all black logos) available but for show only! Split in rubber of sidewall and the bead is not great
£15 posted - not for riding!

-Lots of Bar ends, Onza (silver, faded flip yellow or black ski £13 delivered, pic on page 2) trans x, x-lite

-Kore elite stem black (retro) £25 delivered, pic

-Brand New: non retro, new Ritchey WCS 4 axis stem 120mm long in white 31.8mm clamp, 136g £18 delivered

-Brand New: non retro, new flat Ritchey Comp bars 580mm in white 31.8 no rise, £18 del

- reserved: Pair of Deore 3x9 shifters fair cond, M510 I think - £19 posted

- Brand New shimano front disc hub M3050 £10 to your door

- Shimano LX parallax front hub M565 £11 del

- Brand new boxed YBN 11 sp s11 chain new in box £13 delivered

*****Below are now all SOLD******

Reserved: Marin 1993 survivor Palisades Trail (double butted Chromo After burner stays) frame and Rockstar forks 19” c-c if I recall. Ok condition, some decals have worn. BB threads rusty but serviceable (BB came out ok).
£35 plus P&P

- Reserved: Kona Fire Mountain Frame Small (14” centre BB to centre of top tube), poor condition, seat tube measures roughly 26.1 mm, which I think makes it a 26.4mm, it does need a clean with wire wool. £10 plus post

- Reserved: Matching Kona project 2 forks black, poor cond, small, pics to follow £15 plus Post

8 or 9 speed XT front mech dia. 34.9mm, top pull (M751), pitted on the “cage” part - £11 posted (traded)

8-Gorgeous Thomson alloy seat post clamp silver 28.6
In it’s bag, beautiful CNC clamp, very good condition
£12 posted

20-brand New SLX 11 speed rear disc hub SLX FH-M7000 11 speed £30 delivered
5.5- additional set of MT62 (63?) 2 finger Levers, cantilever SLR, decent used condition, black anodising still good, silver levers are a Wee bit worn but more of a patina £18 posted - photos in the replies
10-brand new (fitted, never used) HOPE Retainer 110 bcd, 38T single wide-narrow chain ring, Beautiful CNC construction, black new £37 posted , pic on page 2
Paul Canti Lever
Pair of Onza Racing Porc’s 2 black
1-sold - XTR M9000 Rear Mech 11spd with clutch, perfect operation some scratches to surface. £62 posted, pic on page 2
Sold -9-Non retro 11 speed M9000 XTR rear shifter with original uncut cable - as new but fitted to my bike, outers have been cut, but never ridden, no box. £42 posted
Sold-13-Easton carbon Seat post 350mm uncut by 27.2mm £18 to you door pic on page 2)
Sold eBay: 4-*non retro* Avid Shorty Ultimate front and rear “Cyclocross” Cantilever brakes all CNC alloy construction. Boxed. (RRP of £174)
These really are the best cantilevers you can buy. Condition is “New” just greased the bosses and fitted to the frame and never ridden, not even cabled up, £90 posted
2- New Old Stock: Kona P2 1” uncut, unthreaded forks in Matt grey, Canti bosses circa 1996, 410mm A-C , pic on page 2 £35 delivered
5-Deore II MT62 brake levers, 4 finger, Boxed with what appears to be the original cables with gold SLR writing
Described to me as NOS when sold, some light storage marks
£30 posted
6-M952 XTR Rear mech grey, 9 spd, 65mm centre to centre of jockey wheels. Some surface marks, still has cable boots
£38 posted
(Withdrawn)-2008 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo frame (alu and very light, certainly sub 2kg) Genesis geometry 17” Blue. £48 Plus postage (sorry was listed in error), pic on page 2
0-Various Chris King “NoThreadSet” headset bits to sort and put on, all 1&1/8”
I have bearing races which on this model sit within the cups (“upper and lower bearing cup assemblies”) the red upper is smooth as silk the black lower runs well but a wee bit “noisy” so could benefit from a clean and grease repack as per the CK advice. Plus a top cap (“stem cap with screw”) and spacer ring (“bearing cap”).
Top cap and bearing cap are £12 posted each. Bearing races in cups are £18 posted each or get all four for £33 posted. pic on page 2
1-XTR cranks M900 these have been badly refurbished and need properly polishing they are a bit pitted due to poor polishing, but since they’re alloy are still sound. £27 posted, pics on page 4
24-brand new 11 speed wide range rear cassette new - SLX I think £48 del


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Re: Downsizing sale: Paul, shorty ultimate, Deore MT62 Levers

Interested in levers if they are original versions. PM on way.


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Re: Downsizing: Porc, Paul, shorty ultimate, Deore Levers, XTR

Those Paul and Onza, waiting for the pictures... and of course, if you change your mind and ship it to Luxembourg...
Courage with the new changes!


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Re: Downsizing: Porc, Paul, shorty ultimate, Deore Levers, XTR




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Re: Downsizing: Porc, Paul, shorty ultimate, Deore Levers, XTR

Avid shorty ultimate

Deore 2 MT62 NOS

Thomson seat collar

XTR M952


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Re: Downsizing: Porc, Paul, shorty ultimate, Deore Levers, XTR

would you consider shipping to Austria?
If so: how much would shipping be for the Porcs and the Avid brakes?


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Re: Downsizing: Porc, Paul, shorty ultimate, Deore Levers, XTR

Titanfreak":3fi9hzhg said:
would you consider shipping to Austria?
If so: how much would shipping be for the Porcs and the Avid brakes?

Hi the Porcs have provisionally sold but I can post the Avids to you for £100