For Sale Mavic crossmax SL, ceramic tubeless, wheelset, debadged


Kona Fan
Right fellas,
Very good condition.
Smooth serviced hubs.
Hutchinson tubeless set up.
Crossmax SL ceramic, cost was over 750 GBP new.
Ceramic surface coating A1 front wheel,
Very minor imperfections in 3 16480618652178213647117711164509.jpg16480618933486170034815880150357.jpg16480619067626187933806742692704.jpg16480619593961260102246304194125.jpg16480619843114931822700480940582.jpg16480620146787011658739386786429.jpg16480620387028904971061662580621.jpgplaces on rear wheel. Still 8/10 rear, 9/10 front.
225 GBP. Will box up. Courier charges extra 20 quid.
Off my airborne titanium.
Original Mavic skewers.
I debadged them, I prefer the look. Stickers on eBay. Top of the line bitd.
9 speed xt cassette not included