Mavic 571/2 & Mavic 575 free hub compatibility


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Hi this is proving very difficult to find info on. I’m trying to track down a Mavic Hyperglide free hub to go on my Mavic 3G trispoke as it’s currently got the Mavic specific splined free hub that won’t do for my use as it only supports 8 speed and I need 9 speed for my Mavic mektronic. I’ve got the hub so just need the free hub. Here’s the dilemma, the 3G cassette free hub is the same as the 571/2 but I can’t find one, I’ve found a Mavic 575 rear hyperglide rear hub but can’t find or workout if the 575 uses the same freehub body as the 571/2 or 3G does anyone
know before I purchase? the pictures below shows the Mavic 571/2 free hub and the Mavic 575 hub


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