Match for the weird pewter / bronze for Retro Kona front ends.


Old School Hero
So can anyone throw me a lead? Ive been googling and found a few possibilities in the pre mix can line.
I have a frame and forks on the way, and I am going something a little different on the main frame colour, thats no issue..
I am minded currently as its a Blue - Kona Lava dome to use the special blue ive got in mind on the main frame, alongside og decals, but paint the fronts end forks and stem something close to the colour of the time.
I have a stem here that is basically brand new, I could get it matched but thats a ball ache and expensive.
I could use paint or spray paint as I will wet paint it myself with proper laquer through a suitable mini hvlp gun.
Just wondered if any retro heroes had a lead.. if not I will figure it the hard way and share my findings!
Thankyou Enigma.