Massive thank you!


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Massive thank you to my darling wife who after 5 hours helped me wench out an oversized seatpost 27.0 some plonker had jammed into a 26.8 seatpost frame

Furthermore I would like to say a huge thanks to @marc two tone for helping post out my frame.

Other mentions go out to:

Mallets everywhere
Ruddy big hammers
Mole grips
And of course my hacksaw!

(My makeshift reciprocating saw) … clips into my jigsaw



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Amazing! I tried to free a seatpost with that type of blade in a plumbers hacksaw holder. Couldn’t get enough pressure on the whole blade to get through what was a really thick-walled post which I think your invention overcomes? So much so I don’t think your contraption would have fitted. Ended up buying a blacksmiths drill bit to drill it out, all seemed to be going great until I stepped back to admire my handiwork. The friction from the drill bit had caused so much heat the tube had rippled!


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Ahh no!! I must admit with my botch tool it did nik the inside of the seatpost by a 1mm or two but nothing major!

I’ve actually just received my decals from Gil at retro decals will upload a picture in a sec when the other half hasn’t got me putting Halloween decoration up haha!


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I had to give it a equal sand over so unfortunately the usual Zaskar luster has gone (previously someone had attempted to sand somewhat randomly so it stood out more than it all being uniformly sanded)

The previous decals on there hid a few dings which someone at some point had filled with blue tack and then covered with a decal to smooth out bumps ( I’ve done similar but with body filler)

She’s going to be my commuter :D