For Sale Massive retro MTB catalogue/brochure sale: 1989 to 2009!


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Hi guys, following on from my huge magazine clear out I now have all my retro MTB brochures and catalogues to pass on.

I’ve been in and out of the trade and off-roading since the late 70’s and all these were picked up by myself new at the time of publication.

I’ve got around 75 or so dating from late 80’s to the 2000’s.

I realise this is the '>1997' section but I will list all here including the later ones to avoid messy cross-posting.

Klein, Kona, Specialized, Orange, Marin, Pace, Yeti, Independent Fabrication, Rocky Mountain, Shimano, etc, etc...

Please remember many of these are over 30 years old and condition ranges from like new to scrappy but I will try and detail each item.

I will try and price them judging by past global sales on eBay etc or just thoughts on rarity/desirability – if they don’t sell, I will certainly reduce them! ;)

All items *include* First Class Recorded post in the UK (which at this time is around £3.50 to £5 cost per item posted).

Happy to combine postage for similar size items.

Many were scanned here originally for members to enjoy: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2670
But as I am selling them here I think it is only fair to whoever may purchase them and pay out the £'s for the originals that I watermark the images - the buyer can then have the decision. :)

I will gradually add to the topic as I get round to photographing them etc. Please PM with definite ‘I will take X’ etc as to be fair I will deal with PM commitments to buy strictly in order received as I list them.

PLEASE (!) do not PM before I have listed them asking for X, Y or Z etc! It will just get too unwieldy to sort out otherwise and I will not be able to respond to all these requests. :D

Payment is via bank transfer please. Due to PP issues in the past (scamming, fees, the general fact they are a bunch of ******** ******'s) I try and avoid them at all costs but if it really (extremely really!) has to be PP then strictly GIFT/FRIENDS/FAMILY payments please.

Pics of various to come below, I will update ASAP with the actual individual items with pics and prices and details, one per post.

Listed so far (will be updated):

Klein 1991 £45 *REDUCED* £40
Klein 1993 £40 SOLD
Klein 1997 £35 *REDUCED* £30 SOLD
Klein 2001 £25 *REDUCED* £20
Klein 2002 £25 *REDUCED* £20
Tioga 1993 £25 *REDUCED* £20 SOLD
Yeti 1990 £35 SOLD
Alpinestars 1991 £35 *REDUCED* £30 OHPF
Syncros 1992 £25 *REDUCED* £20 OHPF
Control Tech 1991 £20 *REDUCED* £15
Offroad 1990 £30 *REDUCED* £25
Cannondale 1989 £35 *REDUCED* £30
Rock Shox Quadra £15 *REDUCED* £10
Onza date? £18 *REDUCED* £14 SOLD
Onza date? £6 *REDUCED* £4 SOLD
1992 Campagnolo £24 *REDUCED* £20
1990 Rocky Mountain £30 *REDUCED* £25
1991 Rocky Mountain £23 *REDUCED* £20
1990 Orange £25 SOLD
199? Orange £29 SOLD
199? Orange £25 SOLD
2000 Orange £27 SOLD
2001 Orange £27 SOLD
1990 Marin £35
2007 Trek £20
2009 Salsa £15
2005 Cove £8
2004 WTB £free CLAIMED
2001/3/? Marzocchi £16
1997 Answer/Manitou £18 OHPF
2007 Crank Bros £7
2007 Independent Fabrication £50
1989 Pace £12
1993 Pace £35
1993 Pace £20
2003 Pace £25


Do you have any mongoose or haro brochures?
Mongoose 1991, Haro 1990




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Re: Massive retro MTB catalogue/brochure sale - REDUCTIONS!

1997 Answer/Manitou 24-page brochure, 28cm x 21.5cm.

Condition really excellent, superb glossy printing, no splits, no folds, very light general wear to cover.

£18 posted

Hi do u still have the Manitou & Marin Catalogues ?

Max P

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Some more freebies before I tackle the pile of Specialized, Kona, Fisher.

You are welcome to one of these free with any other purchase one per buyer.

Campagnolo 2009 full (heavy) 160 page catalogue. Very nice glossy book of the full range.


Max P

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Two Mosquito Bikes catalogues , one is 2006 – much loveliness – Moots, Merlin, IF etc.

Second Mosquito Bikes not sure of year – again more loveliness – Fixie Inc, Ibis, Moots, Merlin, IF etc.

One of these free with any other purchase per buyer.