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As I was having a clean and sort out on Monday, it occurred to me that I had a variety of different Marzocchi Bomber braces to hand, clean and unbolted from their forks,
I've thrown them on the scales (I doubt any weight weenie would ever user a Bomber fork) mostly for my own interest but also shared here.

1997 Z3 Brace (with inbuilt cantilever hanger) 159g
1998 Z1 Alloy Brace 105g
1999 Z1 QR20 Brace 118g
2000 Junior T Brace 125g

This is by no means a comprehensive assortment, missing of note are the Z3 style solid brace, but without the hanger, as seen on 1999 Z4 and Z5 forks, as well as the 1997 Z1 brace, similar to the 1998 but with fewer machined slots.

Aftermarket, there is the BETD brace which I have one of on a set of forks, plus the Blackspire variety. Are there others?

Somewhat surprised to see the later brace as fitted to 'BAM' forks is heaver than the 1998. Also interesting to see the difference in weight between the identical looking 1999 and 2000 braces.

Far to geeky, think I'll leave it there.


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  • 1999 Z1 QR20 Brace.jpg
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Nice, thanks for sharing.
I'd like to add the Z1 (1996++) one, also mounted on Z2's (1997++) and early Z2 BAM's (1999). It's weight is 146gr.


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