Marlboro Cumbrian, info anyone?


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Hi, I was given a Marlboro Cumbrian frame yesterday (along with 2 Carlton frames) and I'm just wondering what you lot might know about them. I did the chap a favour by taking them away.
It's a pretty scruffy frame - no forks and hand over painted in places but still retaining its original decals and head tube badge.
I first thought it was heading straight into the skip but looked a bit closer and saw a 531c sticker (which i thought someone had added for effect) - but on scraping the paint off the rear drop outs I found Brev Campagnolo and measuring the internal seat tube diameter found it's 27.2mm. Lovely long taper lugs with triangular heart cut-outs and a rear brake bridge with a square block in the middle. All derailleur braze ons etc etc....
Now this maybe adds up to something worth saving - except it's a massive 25" frame!
Google tells me Marllboro had something to do with Holdsworth in the 80s or maybe even owned them for a short period.
Could this be a nice Holdsworth badged as a Marlboro during the short time they were entangled?
Tomorrow should reveal more as I hunt for a frame number and take some piccies that i will post here for your delectation!
I bet you can't wait!



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If I remember correctly Marlboro did have a couple of decent quality framesets in their range in the early 1980's. I remember seeing them in a brochure. That predates the take over of Holdsworth. Pictures and any serial numbers would help date the frame. Sounds like a good save.


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Just a quick update on the Marlboro frame, had a good look at it today and it's rotten to the point of perforation! It had been left outside and had a lot of water in it so in the bin it's gone.