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Hi there,
So, I went to buy what I thought was a marin bear valley se, so I could strip it for the parts and use on a pine mountain frame..
Turns out the bike is a 1993 marin sausalito in that grey zolatone.. all original spec. Hybrid with 700cc wheels. It has rockstar forks.. not much info out there.
I've got a trek 7600 multitrack from 1994 with a easton alu frame..
I'm looking for some inspiration with what to do with it.. seems not a lot are around?


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Yeah if it's a 700c hybrid, (right?) You could get some cool new tyres... The Panaracer gravel king is really popular, available in different colours and widths in 700c.... You could even see what kind of clearance you'd have with 650b road+ tyres. That's the vibe I'm going with for one of my projects. WTB make some cool 27.5" X 47c tyres and the Panaracers are actually available in 27.5 X 1.9" from the UK supplier, as I checked the other day!

Maybe change the cockpit. Few different options for handlebar... You could go flat and narrow, or wide and a big sweep, or get a modern MTB bar like a renthal or chromag...

Or maybe convert it to drop bar and make a really cool retro gravelbike. Let's call it a cross bike eh, cos that's what it is. Yeah, do that, slap some CX tyres on and go punish yourself on it in some proper winter slop. Do an event or 2 for shits n giggs.


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It's a 700cc hybrid.. 1990.I thought about what you're saying.. the zolatone paint is perfect.. however, I've already got a gravel cruiser with straight bars.. a trek 7600 restomod. As for drop bars.. I've got a salsa 700cc hybrid single speed set up..
I rode the bike.. as is. Stock.. exage 400 groupset.. st m050 brifters. It has some araya rims on exage hubs.. its a bit heavy for me.. prefer to slide with the hips.
I've decided to give it away.. there's someone who's in need of a bike..refugee. obviously I've replaced the araya rims with others less desirable to me.
Karma if nothing else.. love the zolatone, but the frame, although tange db cro mo.. sluggish for my liking.


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I rebuilt a 1990 miyata triple cross with drops and bar ends to create my vintage gravel bike. I've got a thread on here somewhere about the first version of the build. I'm toying with the idea of switching the the IRD brake levers to move the shifters onto the levers. I've had a lot of fun running it this summer with gravel king sk's in 38mm width.


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I know its been a while but since I'm in the process of purchasing a Marin Redwood with the intention of converting it to a "gravel bike":
Is the Sausalito have a similar frame to a Redwood? How much tire clearance did yours have?


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Couldn't comment on the redwood.
Sausalito is a 1991 hybrid..
Plenty of clearance for 700c x 42-45 I would say.
28 mm on at present time.. see pics.
Have had 42 mm on..
Smooth ride..


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