Marin Muirwoods question


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First post. Thanks for the add!

i just picked up a 1990 Marin Muirwoods on local Craigslist. My only other bicycle is a GT fixie 29er Peace model. I had been looking for another cromoly vintage bike...with extra gears.
I love the simplicity of fixed gears but I want to do some rides with a buddy.

both bikes are pictured.

My question is this: when did Marin go to disc brakes? Like I wish this one had!

I had no idea that the bike was this old. I just loved the geometry of the frame, and the cool factor too. The guy selling it bought an unpaid storage unit and this was in it. He was asking $250. I offered $200 and he bit.

Last question, how would I find out what the original sticker price was?


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I imagine they started to go disc by the late 90's and changed all of the range to disc by mid 2000's?

The Muirwoods was the base model in 1990 and cost £299 in the UK. Yours looks great!