For Sale M950 Front mech, Avid Mags & various other parts, retro & some modern

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Bit of a garage clearout - photos to follow on a number of the parts! Prices are plus Royal Mail postage cost (happy to combine postage if you want more than one item), PP gift or add the fees please!

A Shimano XTR M950 front mech, 28.6, top pull and top swing style. IMHO the best ever triple front mech, weighs just 112g on my scales. really tidy condition, more/better photos to follow... £25 plus postage

A set of Avid Mag V-brakes (no levers). Superlight V-brakes, in good condition compared to most of the ones that have survived this long... photos to follow... £40 plus postage

A right hand Avid Speed Dial 5 brake lever. The type with the red adjuster dial. Decent condition. £5 plus postage

A pair of Shimano Acera (?) 3 x 8 STI integrated gear & brake levers. Not quite matched a matched pair as the indicator window styles are a bit different. The brake levers are for V's or cable disc. £8 plus postage

A few of pairs of brake bosses
. Both M10 and M8. £2 a pair plus postage (should be a large letter, so just £1)

A pair of Specialized Pro Storm 26 x 2.0 folding tyres. Really light! One is more worn than the other in the middle, and there's some rubber perishing if you look closely (hence price). £8 for the pair plus postage

A Magura (I think?) brake booster. £4 plus postage (should be a large letter, so just £1)

Some Karma Acera X STIs with dodgy shifters, free if I can fit it in the parcel for any of the above

Also, if you can collect I've got a cheap wheel available


A SRAM 8-speed PG850 cassette,12-26t. Lightweight model (223g!), chrome finish, teeth in very good condition. £10 plus postage SOLD
A pair of Avid SD Mag levers
. Awesome V-brake/mechanical disc levers in great condition. £27 plus postage SOLD
A brand new (in box) KMC Z7 7-speed chain including connector.
£5 plus postage SOLD
Charge Knife saddle
Ti rail saddle in white. Not retro and the leather is rather worn, still comfy and superlight though at 210g! £13 plus postage SOLD
An Easton EA70 stem. Lightweight, 1&1/8", for 25.4 bars. I think the length is 110mm but will check. £5 plus postage SOLD
An unused pair of unbranded purple M8 crank bolts for a square taper chainset. Look like they should be self-extracting. £3 plus postage SOLD
A full F & R set of Alivio silver cantilevers. With mounting bolts and straddle wires, original Shimano pads, in good condition. £7 plus postage SOLD
An Alivio FC-MC14 chainset, square taper fit, 175mm cranks. Chainrings are good, threads and tapers are fine. £15 plus postage SOLD
An STX rear mech. Shiny, jockey wheels are in decent condition, spring nice and crisp, no play in the pivots. £12 plus postage. SOLD
Charge Spoon
saddle in white. Not so retro but nice condition generally but has a split to the side (which is not opening up any further).
£10 plus postage SOLD


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More photos


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@Fatal Swan if the Purple crank bolts are still available I'll take them.
Will wait to see your update in case there's anything else, then I'll PM you.