M-Trax Titanium 1000 - XT, SID, Hope, 19"


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I'm selling my M-Trax Ti-1000. I'll offer it on here for a week and if no takers I'll break for parts and sell individually. Space is limited and I have a new bike on the way, hence the sale.

It's a 1995 frame, but I bought it NOS a decade later from the estate of a Raleigh dealer who has passed away. I built it up with the then comtemporary XT 9-speed groupset and SID forks. It's been well-used but isn't as 'old' as the model year suggests. Shell and headtube faced before being built.

I've drilled through one set of top tube cable guides to allow a brake cable to run all the way from the lever to the rear V-brake. This works much better with V-brakes than the original cable guide set up for cantilevers.

Frame - 19" M-Trax Titanium - 2 Ti main tubes, the rest is cro-mo.
The frame is bonded. There's no sign of any play or wear to the joins or lugs and the bike rides true.

Fork: Rockshox SID Race Solo Air with disk and rim brake fittings. Seals are good, no scratches on the legs.
Transmission: 9-Speed XT, including chainset, chain, cassette, front & rear mechs and shifters.
Braking: XT parallelogram brakes and brake levers.
Wheels: Mavic Crossride rim brake wheels - brand new with less than 50miles usage.
Headset: FSA Orbit.
B/B: XTR Hollowtech II
Stem: Hope XC anodised red
Bar: Exotic Scandium
Saddle: SDG Belair
Seatpost: Deda RSx01 red and black
Hope Headset wedge and grip locks.

I'm selling this without pedals - the XT ones it's wearing have seen better days.

I'm happy to throw in a few pairs of tyres from my collection including some Onza Porcupine IIs, and some controltech stubby carbon bar ends if I can find them.

It's a fast and lively ride, better suited to nimble light-footed riding rather than crashing through stuff like an enraged bear. I've had some amazing trips to Nant Y Arian with this bike, it absolutely flies when you're in the zone.

As I say, it's been well used, but everything works perfectly. It has scratches and bruises and the plastic coating over the tubes has come away over time but this is cosmetic.

I'm going to ask for £300 and see if I get any bites. If not, I'll break it and sell the parts individually.

Sorry about the turbo-trainer tyre in the pics. We have a vulnerable family member and so we're still mostly locked down. This has been my exercise during the lockdown.

I live near Brighton in Sussex.


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Hi mate - would be a shame to split but I’m a vulture and hungrily eyeing the forks
So if you do decide to split pls let me know price etc



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Re: Re:

Markybeau":2p17aigi said:
I'd be interested in the Onza Porcs you made mention of, if you were still prepared to let a pair go

I'll have an audit of my tyre garden! My new bike is a 29er so I won't need a massive pile of 26" tyres hanging up to get in my face every time I extract the lawnmower.

The Porcupines are the fairly recent remake, not an original 90's pair.

I'll put the tyres up as a separate listing.