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I bought a lovely White Industries crankset which arrived unbelievably quickly from Italy!
Very good packaging and communication throughout. Many thank's Luca.


Dirt Disciple
I can only recommend NOT to buy from Luca

I bought his "NOS" Syncros crankset. Shipping was quick and flawless.

However, when unpacking a long & deep scratch or even crack showed up on the left crank.

Additionally, signs of installation are visible (where a bottom bracket had been installed, smaller chips etc.) and the finish is not the same as on a real NOS Syncros crankset (looks like it has been treated with a fine sandpaper).

Ok, can happen, but he is not willing to discuss or take responsibility for the faulty products he has sold, is very offensive and even accuses me of trying to cheat him (as it could be any other crank I am taking pictures of... @ Luca - there is a serial number on them as you know, so I can prove it....)

People like him should be banned from the forum.

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