Sold Lovely... gravel/tourer frame and fork


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I picked this up a couple of days ago hoping it was going to be my's so close but just not quite! Been hunting for this type of frame that's low but long for ages....guess the hunts going to go on for a bit longer!
It's a Dawes mean street I think from 90/91.
Reynolds 531 super tourist not the MTB tubing but it does take a 27mm seatpost? Which I'll include.
So i think essentially the same as 531 except for the seat tube which is 0.1 thicker throughout the a stiffer bottom bracket just what's needed for a bit of rough stuff and load lugging.
Clearance for real tyres and mudguards 😁
35c easy with mudguards 38c poss!
Forks have low rider rack mounts in the blades...obv their unicrown so nice and rigid for load lugging.
Cantilever or v brakes 👍 rear canti bridge is very sturdy...
Rear rack mounts
Chain hanger peg !
Two lots of bottle mounts
Bottom bracket and all of it internally is clean and fresh as the day it was rust whatsoever!
Dropout faces are really really good....I doubt if the rear has ever had a puncture going by the fact theres only one set of axle marks.
Paint is very fresh and presentable...can just make out in pics the sweet flip in the paint....kinda lilac/silver/'s's a dull day here but in the sun you really see it.
All threads are fabulous....only thing is one of the fork mudguard eyelets has no thread! Doesn't look like it ever had one ...bizarre.! I can thread this for you if want but it'll be a size up or just put a nut on other side.
Has a headset which I've stripped cleaned and regreased useable but I'd suggest a new one just because the frames that good it deserves it.
Sizing...I measure through the centre line of tubing not over the top to a centre!
Top tube centre to centre.....22"
BB to seat tube CTC.....20.5"
It feels bigger than it looks 🤔
I'm 5'9 and splitting hairs 1/8.....if I was half inch shorter I'd be all over this frame and in a very happy place for all day anywhere riding!
Rear dropouts 130...can respace for you if you want.
Bottom bracket is a happy with singles doubles and triples.
Any questions fire away 😁
£100 posted







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Really nice condition and a great frame.
I'm looking for something similar but sadly I need a ST around 23-24".
Good luck with the sale.

Really wish it was my size :/


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Apologies for a daft question, but can one run 650B in a frame for 700c with cantis? (I assume frame is for 700, not the "tourer classic" 26ers?)


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Apologies for a daft question, but can one run 650B in a frame for 700c with cantis? (I assume frame is for 700, not the "tourer classic" 26ers?)
It would be a faff I canti studs would be next to's got all the clearance needed for comfy fast tyres as is 700c already ....I think it might take bigger than 40 but not with mudguards!
Plus you'll be dropping the bottom bracket height going to 650b!