looking to have 1910 sunbeam bicycle gearing rebuilt


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Hello, I have not posted on here in.... about 10 years! Oh how time flies. It would fly all the faster if I could get my 1910 Royal sunbeam back together... Basically I took the chainring out because I wanted to see the planetary gear that resides within the chainring, it has to be seen to be believed. Here are some pictures.

The problem is this: I took it off and about 300 small pieces clattered to the floor. I tried for days to get it all back together and nothing is missing but I have failed to get it back together. Now I have stripped down and rebuilt loads of sturmey archer hubs... my favourite being the AG system which also has an alternator in it, I work on those things with joy in my heart... but this is something else. I quit.

Does anyone know of a bike mechanic who is used to this design and would be able to get it back together for me? I am of course expecting to pay.

Best wishes and much love


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