Look KG 296 Time Trial - Credit Agricole


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I've a few questions about my latest bike! A look KG296 Time trial with credit agricole colors. As far as i've reach, on google mostly, the only bike like this one it's one sold on ebay a few years ago size 58, Bobby Julich's own TT bike.
I've read that look made a few KG396 Time Trial bikes for credit Agricole but this is a KG 296...
Does anyone have info about this beauty?

Ps. The seatpost it's stuck... how can i take it out please.



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Looks a bit of a bitsa - presumably the Campag wheels were removed and a Shimano back end and shifters fitted to get it to work. I'm not sure where the bars and adjustable stem came from either.
Does it have serial numbers? You can expect odd non-production ones for a team prototype.

I'd take it to a shop to sort the post rather than do myself.


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It does have serial number, where can i check it (online)? should i contact Look? is that even possible?
The wheels are 700c / 650c, do you think it came with campagnolo?

I will definitely go to a shop, i am afraid i broke something.

Thanks Hamster!


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Cool bike. By the looks of it this is indeed a team issue bike. Great find. Parts are a mess, but the frameset with the matching wheels and pedals are amazing. Good luck with the seatpost though. I my experience shops aren't to eager to take this on, as there is always the risk of damaging the frame or the seatpost. It doesn't help that the seatpost isn't round, so you can't twist it out. Good luck!