Look KG 196 58


Dirt Disciple
So im contemplating selling this.. A 58 has a 57.5 toptube.

This bike is absolute mint in the true sense of the word and not how its normally used in bike ads.

Bike has 7 races no training. That goes for all the components and the frame so literally like new.
Campy record all over. Shamal tubulars. All original as bought including the tires even..




More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/163584010 ... 0457387468

I have sold new bikes that looked more used than this coming out of the box..

I havent put a price on it as id rather take offers for now. Hope that is not breaking any rules.

Edit guess i have to have a price: 2100 + ship or best offer.
Thanks for looking.