Level Betty FH2

jim haseltine

Retro Guru
OK, holding my hand up - I'm a road man, I know very little about the MTB scene and to be honest, it doesn't float my boat. Thing is, in common with a lot of us here, because I cycle a lot, to friends and family I "know about bikes".
Anyway, long story shortened, my partner and I have been tasked with downsizing her parent's house and contents which included "a bike in the garage, perhaps you could take a look at it". Oh great, fantastic, can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.....
To my surprise, pulling off a dust sheet revealed something in better nick than I expected and although at the time I'd no idea what I was looking at I understand from some internet searches that it's a cut above the cut price Argos offering that I first thought it to be.
I've dusted it, pumped the tyres and lubricated the chain. The gears are indexed nicely and seem to change smoothly although that's when in my stand, I can't speak for what it's like on the road. There are a few paint chips (nothing major) and at least one of the cable outers has seen better days.


There are two issues that I've found, somebody who knows something about them might spot more - there's a generic rear wheel fitted and the seat pin has been somewhat crudely shortened, so I suspect that an earlier owner was somewhat vertically challenged.

So, is it actually worth anything? I wasn't thinking 6 number lottery win, more like maybe £100 on a good day or am I way off line?