Wanted Large 20-21" Nice Steel Frameset


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My brother is looking for a nice, large (to me!) steel frameset. Not so nice it's £1k+ but nice enough and preferably not in desperate need of repainting (although that might not be a dealbreaker) and includes rigid forks. Dainty rather than chunky. Non-rusty!

I don't know a whole lot about 80's mtb's but, if it is, he'll want to swap his stuff over from his '93 merlin so "normal" spacing would be nice but might not be an option for wheels.

So off the top of my head early Salsa, Ibis, Mountain Goat, Ritchey, there's bound to be others. Chatting with him he's not keen on a Kona, Marin, Orange, Trek or Specialized which narrows it down a bit.

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Hi, I have for sale this mtb so assembled the mtb is a Cinelli Next Machine from 1991 and it is all NOS, size about 20 inches (In the last photo you can see the length of the head tube of the frame typical of large-sized frames).

And so mounted:

Cinelli The Next Machine 1991 Nos is assembled with the following components:

- Frame: Cinelli The Next Machine Nos.
- Fork: Cinelli The Next Machine Nos.
- Saddle: Cinelli Maestro in Nos leather.
- Seatpost: Sakae Tuo Nos.
- Headset: Fischer Super Light Nos.
- Stem: ITM Tomahawk Nos.
- Handlebar: Cinelli Fortex Nos.
- Grips: Fisher Nos.
- Shifters: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Brake levers: Dia-Compe SS5 Nos.
- Brakes: Dia-Compe 986 Low Profile Nos.
- Derailleur: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Gearbox: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Cassette: Campagnolo Centaur 8V Nos.
- Crankset: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Hubs: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Rims: Campagnolo Thorr Nos.
- Wheel closures: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Tires: Michelin Taiga klevlar 26x1.95 nos.

Let me know if you might be interested.

Thank you. Luca.


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Thank you Luca, that looks like a nice build however he’s only looking for a frameset as he already has nice mainly nos parts on his Merlin which he’d like to use if possible, although he might need new wheels etc depending on the age of the frame.


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Hi, no problem. Unfortunately I sell the complete mtb and not the only frame is fork. In case you think about it and are interested, this 1991 Nos mtb will be waiting for you with open arms. Thanks for the reply. Luca.

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