Knights / Reynolds 753 - any background info appreciated


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Hi folks!

My dad, a lifelong cyclist (time-trials - 12/24 hr - end-to-ender) passed away recently. I've inherited his best bike which I think he may have used - the frame anyway - for time trials in the 70's / 80's. It's a Knights frame made with Reynolds 753 tubing and with 0040 marked on the bottom bracket.

An internet search tells me a bit about Knights / Reynolds and their history. Any further info. that people have on the origins of this frame would be much appreciated!

Have lined up a local small bike shop to give it some love - upgrade and maintenance - any suggestions on what to settle on? Thanks again! M

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Sorry for the passing of your Dad.

Looking a the 753 badge and the Reynolds forkcrown, I would date that from around 1989 at the oldest but most likely it is from the early '90s. You need to put the seat up asap since the aero part of the seat pin is below the lug top. Hopefully it isn't stuck.

Nice bike though.

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Nice looking frame with a short rear end. I wasn't aware that Knight were 753 certified but the quality of their builds shows they were up to it. A good clean and polish, sort out the dodgy gear lever - and off you go!