Klein Rascal UV Tri-Tone - 92/93 - M900 - SOLD


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I have been putting this off for weeks. Having got the Retrobike bug last summer I put my heart and soul into this Rascal build. Unfortunately the lure of other possibilities has meant that my 1 bike deal with the Mrs is now strained as I have 3. Familiar story I am sure. Not to mention the 4 modern day machines.

I started with a fabulous frame bought from a Canadian who had a dozen Kleins. Why didn't I buy his Rainforest? He owned loads of bikes but hardly rode them. He had fitted her with a host of the wrong stuff so I set about putting everything right. Most of the new fittings are NOS or heavily restored.

The pictures are good but don't do the bike full justice as the colours like all Kleins Zing in the sunlight.


Brake Levers: Suntour XC Pro (NOS)
Gear levers: Suntour XC Pro (original fit)
Cantis: Suntour XC Pro (NOS)
Wheels: M900 laced to Mavic rims, F. NOS, R. Ridden a few times.
Front mech: XT M735
Rear Mech: M900 (I now have a really great XT LC M735 if you prefer)
Chain HG (NOS)
Rear Cassette HG 8 Speed NOS
Cables all Shimano and new including all liners
Tyres: Panaracer Smoke and Dart
Seat Post: Syncros 27.2
Saddle: Flite Titanium
Skewers: M900
Chainset: M900 hand polished (8 hours work)
Pedals: period but not sure what
Stem/ Bar: Klein
Grips: Modern

A few marks here and there as shown in the pictures but generally great condition. Worst of the chain suck is clearly shown at the front of the BB. When you remove the crank there are minimal marks. To be honest the marks the bike has could be done on the first ride of an average bike.

There are a few little touches to improve her including a handsome reducer on the brake levers as the Suntours took much thicker 2mm cables and 8mm outers.

Now the price: Well she owes me £850 + delivery. I am in Surrey.

I really want her to go to an appreciative home so I am starting my search for a new owner here.

Here is the Album:

http://s1181.photobucket.com/albums/x42 ... %20Rascal/



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Fat Gav

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Dib's, depending on the size. Did I miss the size? What are all the important measurements?


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Thanks Audi.

Yes Medium in size. Would suit 5 feet 10 inches perfectly and 1 or 2 inches either side I would say. Stem is not stupidly long and has some rise so you don't have to be a monkey to ride it.

Turned the light off in the garage last night, having some second thoughts. Neither of my other two builds are any way close to completion or have a colour scheme like this. Never mind good sense has to prevail sometimes.

First dibs pending size to Gav.


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The Rascal is sold to a perfect gent who will appreciate her I am sure. I was pleased and he seemed to be equally pleased. I hope to see some updates in the future and I am sure there will be some good summer outings.

Glad also she stayed in the retrobike family.

Cheers for looking.