Sold Klein Paint Job for 'Sale'


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impressive even more if self taught.

I’ve always wondered what the costs are of the more complicated jobs. For instance nightstorm. I’d guess easily a couple of K.

Do you take on simple non Klein paint jobs?

I haven't painted Nightstorm, but yes, I'd say £1,500++.

I do paint all sorts of frames, so very happy to take on non Klein paint jobs. DM me the details and we can take it from there.

Roger that

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The (nick) name of this KLEIN paint scheme derives from a famous european ice cream produced by "Langnese" during the 80s. Maybe it still exists today. Which was called DOLOMITI and had the same color scheme as the bike. The official KLEIN paint color name is simply: "Bright green/white/magenta fade.
And here they are the real NOS Langnese dolomiti :)


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The 'pink' on the Dolomite frame is actually magenta - it is a different shade than the pink used on Moonrise. Also, the colour will look slightly off as it's under studio lights. This is a better picture in natural light (but before clear coating, so it won't look as shiny as it should do). I have matched these colours to the orginal ones used and they are spot on.

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I concede Fguki might have improved his approach, but the point is solid—the magenta on resprays, even using Klein’s old stock of magenta is a different shade (and opaque-ness) and not just because of lights. But I’ve spoken with solid re-sprayers and it appears to be an issue of aging—that is, the kept-out-of-the-sun originals we see/know are 30 years aged and the magenta has somehow mellowed or cleared but it is significantly different. I have a museum grade “Dolomite” Attitude (…the icecream was the Italian name for the Dolomite Mountains….so there’s your other twist—but not saying who’s “right” 😌), and an original full magenta Quantum—the two originals match to a tee. I also have a respray using original magenta powder. Significantly different—the re spray is more opaque and “whiter” (Fguki calls it lighter…same point I think). No big deal…it just looks like the originals did 30 years back.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From Jon Rock, ETOE, to you, and the original artists at Klein, there's variation and beauty in all the variants that come out of any paint shop. Does it match the Klein Dolomiti someone drooled over in a shop window as a kid? Maybe? Maybe not? Is it beautiful to the artist and the customer? If the answer is 'yes', then that's all that matters.

Dolomiti is not my favorite Klein colorway by a long shot. But I'll submit that this frame is still beautiful.


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As the owner of the Adept on page four I can 100% vouch for the quality of work being done here by @KOMRAID

I have three more Klein’s and those were all repainted by @jonrock

Love them all, ride them all and not worried which ice cream Dolomite or Dolomiti is copied from. Enjoy the weather, go ride a bike and enjoy yourself as much as possible.