Klein Fervor w/ Lawwill Leader


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Hi everyone! Just picked up this slightly odd bike the other day- a Fervor kitted with Lawwill Leader, XT 737, and a smattering of Ringle bits.

Some folks might have seen this on Ebay- luckily, the guy selling it was local (he also had it on CL for quite a bit less), so I went and had a chat with him. The bike is in pretty good shape, don't think it's been ridden much. The seller also showed me his personal collection of very sparkly Kleins, (including an interesting prototype Attitude). I don't live all that far from Chehalis so there's always interesting Kleins around. And of course Control Tech was also local.

The bike came with some new junk seat and hideous 9-speed Deore rear mech, both of which I quickly replaced. It was also wearing double silver Ringle bottle cages, but my aesthetic preferences are both highly specific and highly suspect, so I swapped them for something a little less... tasteful. Sadly, the original Klein Death Grips are dead.

While the main running gear is XT, the rear hub is Ringle and the front is... DX? I guess someone ran out of money once they got to the front wheel. Didn't stop them from lacing the wheels "fast" style.

The combination of Fervor with Leader and XT/Ringle strikes me as a bit odd- flashy semi-budget built I suppose. Actually there is some precedent for the basic combination- the December 1993 Mountain Bike review of the Leader fork has it mounted on a Fervor for testing (I can upload scans of that if anyone is interested). And certainly the fact that Pulses had the Leader as a factory option means that this arrangement is far from being truly arbitrary.

Anyway, my plan is probably to ride this for a while and then ultimately migrate the parts over to whatever more interesting frame might fall into my clutches. For now I'm very excited to see how the Leader performs on the local trails. No wall-hanging for this one!


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