Klein Adroit 21 inch Fuselage


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1995 Adroit Burgundy Blue 21 inch. Fuselage only.

Sad to see it go, but another 2 projects beckons and this will help cover them.

A lovely and uber rare 21 inch Burgundy Blue Adroit fuselage for sale. This is a true Adroit with the 2 inch down-tube and Strata fork. Overall the fuselage is in excellent condition with no fading or bubbling of paint. There are the odd little chips that have been professionally touched up sometime in the past. Overall very good condition and a joy to ride.

However the seat tube at sometime in the past has been clamped slightly too tightly, so there is a tiny bit of deformation. It doesn't affect the ride or the strength, it is virtually impossible to see, but it can be felt with the hand. as you can see from the pictures its extremely hard to see.

Asking £2500 obo for the fuselage. I will package it professionally and ship it anywhere in the world at the buyers cost and responsibility, but i'd much rather drive and meet someone to handover, just in case.

I think thats a fair price but if i'm way out do let me know, I'm not desperate to sell so won't give it away for peanuts.
I'm not planning on selling the whole bike, but if someone really wants the rest of the bits, then im sure we can work something out. Its very well equipped (xtra m900 mint/nos throughout, ringle, death grips, syncros titanium etc)

I've put here lots of pictures including the seat tube area, but happy to send more pics via pm and to answer any questions.


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mtbmaniac":p7vzrt1s said:
hush let things run its course

haha i agree and i'm selling it. It'll slowly come down a bit in price here and there, but i won't go too low.
I'm keen to sell but not too keen.