For Sale KHS Pro Frame - free [taken now]


Dirt Disciple
Haven't used this forum in a while so apologies if this post breaks any rules.
I've had this frame in my house for ages and have to clear some space, it was always a tad small for me anyway. Would love it to go to someone who would actually ride it, as I have serious guilt about the number of frames in my house that never get used.
Free for anyone who can come and collect from north London (N17, near Seven Sisters tube, even nearer Bruce Grove overground).
Really lovely light steel frame from KHS, true temper ox tubes. Roughly 17 inches centre bottom bracket to centre of top tube, about 18 and 3/4 bottom of the bottom bracket shell to top of the seat tube. About 22 inches top tube.
Few scuffs on the frame in the usual places, and needs a good clean. It's certainly not mint, but no dents I have spotted. The marzocchi bomber fork moves, but I couldn't swear to anything more than that, this thing hasn't been ridden in years.
Don't think these things are hugely desirable (although I always liked the brand) but if multiple people want it I'll pick at random from whoever can pick up reasonably soon. Sorry - really can't post it.


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