KHS Montana Team 1993 (US Spec)


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It’s proven hard to get a Team frame but I now have a 1994 (edit: frame built Sept 1993, colour scheme 1994 sales year in Europe, but US spec so unsure of their dates) off eBay. The paint is about as bad as is possible so it’s going to have to come off if this thing’s going to be saved. So, it’ll be going to 1993 blue/pink and dressed in full XTR (when I can get it at the right price, so it might take a while)

The bike was originally in Michigan, US. The seller says he imported it from New York. So it’s had a journey, and it shows...

I’m not sure how accurate my hanging scales are at low weights but it shows this at exactly 1kg. That’d be ok for a modern road bike!


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Re: KHS Montana Team 94 to 93 conversion

Spent last night removing stickers and wire wheeling the worst of the rust. Ran out of time to get going on the paint stripper, my least favourite job.

The Bontrager Ti saddle arrived today. Expected it to be hard to source. May have got lucky to find one straight away on eBay. I was the only bidder at £20 (bargain when Flight Ti goes for £50ish and far less rare).
The photos on eBay didn’t make it look great so very pleasantly surprised. Far better nick than the Flite I saved on the P7 project.


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racer x

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Nice project. Looks identical to the 1992- 93 frame. Think you’ll have all the Montana Team Boyes watching me included :D


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ishay":2z06wisr said:
enc":2z06wisr said:
i like these :cool:

this guy has a good youtube cahnnel with a few montana vids...

Yes I’ve seen these, in fact, had a brief chat with him on Facebook about my Comp restore a couple of months ago. Seems a nice guy.

yeah, only a young lad i think but into retro and vintage bikes. his turn around is unbelievable at least couple bikes per month.
He's not into it for a quick buck but genuinely enjoys the restoration aspect. he doesnt go for deep nut and bolt restoration though. i think he just likes to restore and nove them on ... sometimes at cost or not much profit.


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racer x":vpn4wgej said:
Nice project. Looks identical to the 1992- 93 frame. Think you’ll have all the Montana Team Boyes watching me included :D

Well according to the serial number as I understand it, it was made in Sept 1993 (U309xxx) so I suspect it's identical. I have 1994 and 1993 Comps are they are identical. This seems near identical to them aside from the deleted pannier bosses and noticeably butted bottom bracket tube.

Knowing it was made in mid-93 makes me even more comfortable with the blue/pink colourway :D