For Sale Kettler Alu-Rad Safari Adventure S (1980s)


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A solid bit of history on wheels, made in W. Germany! It's a family inheritance, sadly just that bit too big for me, but even so it's still a very comfortable ride.


It has been refurbished and well looked-after, though it has some cosmetic blemishes / wear & tear as you might expect.

Looking for £180, plus cost of shipping via Paisley Freight. Any questions (e.g. measurements), just ask and I will do my best to answer them, but please bear with me as I'm pretty much a cycling novice (at least by Retrobike standards :)).


IMG_20211130_155510(L).jpg IMG_20211130_155404(L).jpg

IMG_20211130_155333(L).jpg IMG_20211130_155419(L).jpgIMG_20211130_155349(L).jpg
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^^^ As above. You'll lose the listing if you don't add a price- site rules.

Looks like a well cared for bit of kit.

Is this the one that was listed for sale in Sheffield recently?

And is it correct that it's 'solid' in the literal sense, in that the frame is partly solid aluminium bars?

I think I might be mistaken about the solid bit. I read something about someone saying one was heavy to the point where the owner thought it might be solid
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Whoops, thanks both, price added now. No, I've not advertised it before. Not sure about the construction to be perfectly honest, but it definitely feels like a solid bit of kit! I'll see if I can find any further spec info online.