Just had my beautiful Peugeot road bike stolen!


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Hi everyone, I've just had a fairly average but good looking and comfortable 90s Peugeot road bike stolen from outside my house (Kryptonite lock cut off). I now need to replace it and thought this would be a good place to ask if anyone was looking to sell a spare bike. If you happen to have a vintage road bike around 55cm suitable for use as a daily commuter and occasional country tourer please sing out and let's see if I can give it a good home.


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Sorry to hear that,
They cut straight through a kryptonite lock!?! Wow, must of used hydraulic cutters.

You will be able to find a replacement bike easily on here, look at the road bike for sale section


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Very sorry to hear that. I had a good bikie stolen last year and I know how it feels. Where are you based? I may have something that would be a good replacement for your Peugeot.