Jokota Switchblade 1" crown/steerer


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Intersting, just not very cheap.

It should be called Yokota not Jokota.
Yokota 1991 Switchblade clone.jpg

I think i do have a Yokota fork if I'm not mistaken, it doesn't have any logo etc. but an engraved name from the manufacture, Enfeel, a taiwanese manufacturer.
The diameter of the legs are identically to Tange Switchblade legs. So mixing spares is an option.

Please see below, one most likely Yokota Fork built by Enfeel, another fork with Tange crown but Jokota/Enfeel legs, and a Tange Switchblade next to each other.

The Yokota is definitly not same kind of quality as the Tange and also more heavy, still a nice fork.
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I have The Yokota switchblade fork I pulled off a '91 Yokota El Capitan, but with a 1 1/8 threaded steerer. The fork legs have little embossed hearts on the inside of the blades. Also, my dropouts are a little different than yours above. From my understanding, the Yokota switchblades were made by Spinner, but I could be wrong about that.

I have mine mocked up on a GT Avalanche project- but they're fighting me on that, so they may have to go back on the Yokota for now. Here's the best picture I have of them at the moment, but you can see the little hearts on the inside of the legs, (I painted my hearts blue, and the other red).

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 9.08.43 AM.png