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I own a Johnny Berry bike. 591676. I bought it second hand when I was 15, at school near Blackpool. I bought it from a friend of my elder brother. The friend bought it from a racing/ club cyclist named D, or Don Turner. Don Turner was the original owner, his name can still be seen on the crossbar, written on the red paint before the clear lacquer was sprayed. The forks have a round profile.
When I bought it it came with spare parts ( tubular wheels/ tyres etc.) which have gone, but the bike and parts ( 10 speed campagnolo, Mafac centre pull brakes, Brookes competition saddle, and alloy semicircular training wheels are as they were when I rode it in 1968. Since leaving school it has been rarely used ( not at all in the last 30 years - kept in the loft of my garage).
I am posting this as it may be of interest to some, but also the bike needs to be ridden seen and loved. Obviously it is not in “as new”condition but looks much the same as it did in the 1960’s.
Is it saleable? Would anyone be interested?
Tim Silcox


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In that condition you’d not get very much for it.
you can either brake it up sell the parts separately once cleaned up & made serviceable
Sell the frameset as separate again fully cleaned up
Or renovate it then sell it complete or ride it if it’s sentimental to you :)


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That was once a very nice bike. The corrosion is probably not as bad as it looks. Johnny Berry was a very good frame builder and the componentry is good quality too. Well worth restoring in my view. The only issue I can see (provide that the frame is sound enough with the obvious corrosion) is that the gear hanger is bodged, with a welded on bracket or reinforcement.

Lugs are Nervex Pro, good lugs but very common, and with butted 531 it should be a good ride.

I have PM'd to express an interest.


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Would make a nice restoration project a very respected builder in the North West they don’t come up for sale too often

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Certainly saveable and well worth doing. A good clean, maybe a few touchups and then a polish and it will look fine. Please don't jump to the respray too soon. So many classic bikes end up effectively destroyed that way. Johnny Berry's are very desrable bikes with a good collector following. Make sure you sell to an enthusiast who will keep it original.