Jerkys clearance thread (lots of pace etc)


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Important, please read the intro

OK, I am not the most observant person in the world when it comes to my financial affairs. And having checked my bank balance for the first time since moving to London I realise I may have been a little on the extravagant side recently (House move, 3 foreign music festivals & a new female interest has taken its toll) So I am having to sell stuff which I have thought about selling many times before but always ended up keeping it.

You will have to bare with me postage wise as I now live in London and most of this gear is in my storage unit in Oxford still. So delivery times are likely to be slower than the average.

Apologies that some descriptions are so slim, I am working off memory for items in storage that I haven’t seen for a month and a half for the most part.

Any one requiring photo's I have a lot on file, but if I don’t have any it will have to wait until the next time I am able to visit the storage unit (this weekend) Once I have been back I should be able to confirm details and specs better and also possibly add any goodies I have simply forgotten I have.

I am open to reasonable offers on anything. I realise some of the items may be priced high, so make an offer of what you feel is realistic.

Basic postage included in price, insured/SD will be additional, charged at actual cost.

Pace Forks
Pace RC36 Evo £100 (V only)
Pace RC36 Proclass 2 (Disc with additional V mounts) £120
Pace RC36 Stealth (Disc with lockout & additional V mounts) £80
Pace RC38 Airforce (small crack in one bridge from over tightening- Disc only) £100
Pace RC36 Proclass Eddie Irvine / Ferrari Special editions, slight fading to the red anno but a very rare set of forks. OIRO £200

Non Pace forks
Fox F100R Scratches to 1 stanchion but still hold air etc and perform reasonably £90

Sunn Totall UN 1999 (Soft tail sunn in 16" flavour) £125
KHS Alite Team 2005 (super light frame, according to lightbikes it comes in at under 1500g, 17.5" pea sized dent near BB but has seen no issues develop) £100
Handsome Dog frame, pretty light, major paint rub on the top tube, make a cool hack £30

Ritchey forcelite in black, usual marks from mounting £10
Pace RC sub 130 in Anno blue, lots of fading, possibly one to strip the anno from & pollish up £20
Answer Taperlite risers £15
USE in Ink blue, lovely looking £25
Easton EA50 £20
Orange Ramrod (brahma style) Rare bars in very faded gold, rough condition £10

Chainsets & cranks
Extremely lightly used Shimano Deore 2008 (originally off my Epic, but I had the shop swap them out for XT before delivery, they have done maybe 3 miles on my KHS) £40 Inc BB
Race face turbines (isis were black now stripped, awaiting a good buff up to make them shine- Which I may be able to do if I have time and get the buffing wheel screwed down in the workshop) £30
Cooks RSR, again awaiting a good polish, from memmory there is a hairline crack on one of the arms, although I need to investigate it further. £60
LX M570/580 (I forget) shoe rub to the arms but again would polish up nicely. £40
Deore HT1 (silver) £20
LX M550 cranks have at some time been painted blue £15

LX M570/580 V Full set inc levers (the dark grey blue colour scheme era) £40
XT M749 (1 wheels worth) £20
XT M760 (1 wheels worth) £20
LX M600 Levers £15
Critical racing canti brake (anno red, 1 wheels worth, inc cable straddle wire hanger bit) £40

New listing Shimano M095 XT STi levers, very good condition minor mark to annodising on underside of 1 lever blade, other than that pretty much spot on. £50
LX M570/580 9spd £40
LX M570/580 9spd £40
XT M750 9 Spd £25
XT M760 Rear deraliuer £25
LX Front deraliuer (M570?) £15
XT M737 RD £25
XT M737 RD £25

Updated1 pr LX M570 VGC on Mavic 517's £80
1 Pr Middleburn anno Red (faded) cassette rear, 1 spoke needs replacing on front wheel (could do my self if I get time). £100
1 pr Wheels off my KHS Disc or V I think they are CODA but to be honest I cant remember without checking. £100
Middleburn Hub on FIR rim with tie-dye titanium spokes, a stunning looking wheel extremely light £75 (the spokes would cost you more than that alone)
Updated1 pr LX M550 (black hubs) on Mavic M231 rims (good condition) (Front hub needs bearings replacing or at least a good greasing). £40

Pace RC40 in gunmetal 1 1/8th" 100mm (iirc) Boxed slight scratch to underside of clamp, cant see it when installed. £45
Scyncros stem inc top cap (aluminium) £30
Azonic Shorty £15
Ringle zooka, started off blue but has been dipped and stripped back to silver £35
Club roost Ibeam £10
Kore in silver £10

New listing 1 Pr Continental amberwall Pro traction tyres 2.0" £30
1 Pr IRC Mythos £25
1 pr Continental XC £20
Klien Deathgrip, fairly worn and has signs of cracking (any klien fanatics want to give me £100's for it?) £15

Other random parts
New listing Ringle H2O in gold, external surface is good, internal shows wear and the eyelets for the fixings are damaged, however it is still usable (will need a mechano L bend making). £10

Man thats a whole heap of loosely recalled parts!


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Ringle zooka, started off blue but has been dipped and stripped back to silver £35

Pics and dibs please



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I'll post up piccies of all the things requested thus far when I get home.

(the Ringle stem may be the exception to that as I am not sure I have any on file)



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'Pace RC40 in gunmetal 1 1/8th" 100mm (iirc) Boxed slight scratch to underside of clamp, cant see it when installed. £45'

Pics and dibs on the above please.


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JeRkY":3lo8xkax said:
LX M550 cranks have at some time been painted blue £15

Are all three rings in ok condition? How blue and will it come off? Will you take £10 as my elbow grease to remove paint is quite costly.... :D


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What size are the conti XC? and are they black or amber wall?