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Good morning all.
Riding a Diamond Back Ascent from 1995 which I have had from new. It was stolen about 10 years ago but I saw the scrote riding it stopped him and called the police. As I had photo's, frame details etc I got it back. My wife rides a Scott Navajo which I think is a Womens Specific Design (short top tube) but need to research that as I am not sure. It's white and gold from about 1997(?), again had it from new. My daughter rides a Specialized Rock Hopper but that's a bit more modern (2010 ish).
Found my way here as I liked the Kona's as a lad but I rode a GT Zaskar. That was interesting as there was a guy in the area who raced and had some form of sponsorship so had a new bike every season. I caught him when he was strapped for cash and I had some for what I remember as a deal that made me very happy. That was stolen a few years later, and when I phoned the police it turned out over a few days vast amounts of bikes had gone missing in the area.
Anyway I digress. I have always worked on our bikes and haven't had a project for a while. I fancied a Kona started browsing around and here I am.
Before anybody gets too excited, I come with a health warning as I a tight git and cry whenever I spend money!
Janners (AKA Martin)

If you see us around be sure to wave.


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Retrobike Rider
Welcome buddy, wasn’t Darren tapp was it ;)

I left the mouth of the mighty plym in around 95 or 96, can’t remember haha.