I've made the best buy on the World Wide Web...


Retro Guru
It's nice to see it with that arch Fred ;)

Now I know what the "riding version" of my fork will look like!

I'm not mad at that champagne coloured Judy arch at all, honestly.

Shame about the false-promise sticker job, but at least you have a nice set of forks right there!

Curious to see how you get on with the clear coat spray...

Would you mind updating this thread with photos, as I'd be keen to see how you do it and what the carbon looks like after!
I'm in the same boat about colour and have two options in mind. Either I send it to powder coating to match with my frame or I polish it...
And about cartridge after a pair of mail with the seller I've had a correct partial refund, so.... No problem to upgrade the thread, so stay tuned... ;)