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soul dispatcher

Dirt Disciple
Hello everybody,
it will be my consolidated topic. Everything here is for sale, and almost everything from Italy.
All prices incl. pay pal fees and shipping to most EU countries and Mainland. I'm from Poland, so there is no collections in UK.

1. Frameset Colnago. 48 cmx49 cm. SO 74,5 cm, 2530g.
I'm not sure about originality of this frame. It looks like C., but all stuff is similar to Brazzo frames, eg. BB shell, rear bridge (signed Silva). Fork w. Air engraving. Painting in good cond, straight and stiff frame. No dents, few minor scratches.
140 GBP ONO:


2. Brazzo 54x54, 2740g
Nice frameset with hexagonal profile of main tubes. Few scratches, no dents. Need more attention, it was very dirty when I found it. Rare stuff. Cinelli shell, probably Columbus fork.
125 GBP ONO:


3. Aquila Record, 52x53 cm, 2500g
Drilled Campy dropouts, vintage Columbus label, decals in poor cond, painting very nice. Some scratches. No dents. Frame in good order. straight and fine.
135 GBP ONO:


4. Mairani, 56x5, 2730g.
Brazzo lugs and bb shell, few scratches. Beautiful and refined frame.
110 GBP ONO:


5. Scaccia, 56x56cm, 2830g.
Freaky hole underneath the TT with additional screw. Fits standard 6mm screw. Loads of scratches, but still looks good. Probably unoriginal fork w. gipiemme dropouts.
100 GBP ONO:


6. And the last but definetly not the least today, my favourite rat frame, Uboldi, 54 cm sq., 2530g. dirty and rusty, but raw. Aggresive geometry, like straight from track. what You see around bb shell is dirt. I havent time to make him spa yet. Light and strong and beautiful frame just for 100 GBP ONO:


7. Gipiemme Crono Sprint crankset w. Moser rings. 53/42. Good order, all threads fine. 45 GBP:


8. Omas Grand Prix 110g headset. inside and outside in VG cond. Very light, alloy and plastics parts. 30 GBP:


9. Campagnolo Nuovo Grand SPort headset. VG working order, few scratches and rusty places. 30 GBP:


10. Campy Veloce headset. 30 GBP:


To be continued...